As writers, we are often too hard on ourselves, either because we haven’t kept to a writing goal, or we got rejected from an agent, or we beat ourselves up, or judge and shame our writing. We sabotage what we want most—to write and to write well. When our inner critic is raging, our mind and body goes into a state of stress and can’t allow the creativity or higher thinking that needs to flow in order for us to give room to our best writing selves. If you’re blocked and your inner critic is relentless, let’s talk.


Coaching: I offer both consulting and coaching with all my services. Sometimes you just need encouragement, other times a break down of the steps to get you where you want to go, some accountability or an opportunity for a breakthrough. I coach on anything writing-related from writing a book to designing a blog series. $75 for 60 minutes. Or $195 for three 60-minute sessions.

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“Darla is a talented editor. She is timely, efficient, and professional. Darla has a gift for making subtle changes to my work that drastically improve the clarity and quality of my message. She uses powerful questions to understand my intent so as not to distort my authentic voice. And, she is a joy to work with. If you write anything—I bet you’ll be more proud of your body of work after Darla works her magic on it!”  — Amie Allen, Life Coach

“Darla helped me take my pages of writing and turn it into a well-written, smooth-flowing article. I feel so much more confident ‘putting it out there’ after Darla reviewed it.” — Ellen Harston, LISW, Life Coach
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