Blog Better


Are you an up-and-coming blogger establishing your readership or one who needs some accountability and someone on the other end to discuss or review your work before it goes live?

I can help you achieve your right voice–one that’s engaging, consistent, and accessible. Before you send blog posts out live, send them over to me for a critique to be sure your message and intent are clear and that your work is reader ready. You get a 45-minute monthly coaching call, along with two thorough reviews of two monthly blogs, valuable feedback on your message, ongoing support and accountability, which means two blog posts a month that you can be sure are clear, well-written, and convey the message you want to get out there. $180 a month (with the coaching option) $95 a month (without coaching option).

Blog Better


“Thank you for your help . . . your advice was used throughout . . . things I could strike, add, rearrange, and so forth. Thanks again for all you do. Keeping us writers on our toes is a big job. . . .”
— David Frederick, Fiction Author

“I can’t thank you enough. The information you have given me is so valuable. I plan to utilize that website immediately. . . . The world needs more people like you who are talented, dedicated to the art, and willing to share that knowledge to help others.”
— L. P. Chase, Poet and Writer

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