“I was expecting you to shred my entire book, so I was pleasantly surprised when you finished the first pass and didn’t say ‘don’t quit your day job.’ You are honest, and all of your corrections and suggestions were put in a way that they didn’t come across as criticisms. It was very easy to work with you. As a new author, I found that a great quality in you as an editor. You only helped me to grow a little better at writing. For that I say thank you.”
— L.P. Chase

“I want to tell you how much I appreciate your insight into my poems. Your suggestions and corrections are spot-on for where I’m trying to grow.”
— Russell Blinder, Poet

“I worked with Darla on two of my books and her edits not only made the book better, but made me a better writer. She gave me far more than she charged for. I highly recommend her.”
— William Andrews, Fiction Author

“I just read quickly through your comments (stealing a little time from my day job—which I now must get back to) and thought they were outstanding! This is the stuff that I wanted to learn about.”
— Ken Waxlax, Fiction Author

“Thank you for all your support and edits on this story. I really appreciate your assistance. Your patience with me and your advice on revisions is invaluable. I feel inspired and encouraged.”
— Mary Gould, Short Fiction Author

“Your quick turn around time is amazing! Thanks again for all of your help.”
— Charles Long, Fiction Author

“Thank you, thank you, and thank you. Your critique really hit home. I loved your comments . . . . ‘Don’t hold the reader’s hand,’ ‘Trust your audience’ and, my favorite, ‘Oh please, let’s not go into the fish’s head.’ (I still chuckle when I read that one.) But with all seriousness, that is what I needed. Those comments helped . . . redirect me. I really appreciated your common-sense views.”
— Ken Lang, Fiction Author

“I looked at the edits. Thank you so much for your help! I’d marry you for the free editing advice.”
— Del Schlangen, poet

“The article turned out amazing! Thanks so much. I’m so happy with your work!”
— Krissy Brady, Editor, Brady Magazine

“If Darla is an example of the type of people nSight hires, then I am confident that you have provided me with a good team.”
— Robert Siek, Assistant Editor, Prentice Hall

“Thanks for your support and congratulations on making a living utilizing your talent and skills by doing work you enjoy.”
— Ilan Herman, Fiction Author

“Darla Bruno performed the final editing for this book. Her insight transformed my work into a finished product for which I am thankful.”
— Tom Farrington, Author of Battling the Killer Within

“I don’t know what I would do without you! Thanks!”
— Rita Guastella, Director of Communications, Project Bread – The Walk for Hunger

“I recommend her as an efficient and effective copyeditor.”
— Karen Cheng, Associate Project Manager, Argosy Publishing

“I found Darla both easy to work with and conscientious about her deadlines.”
— Kathleen Byrne, Project Manager, Argosy Publishing

“Her work is exceptionally thorough. She has provided first-class editorial services.”
— Stephanie DeGonzalez, Project Manager, nSight

“Thanks for your flexibility, great attitude, and hard work. It was a pleasure working with you on this project.”
— Sarah Yezzi, Senior Technical Editor, Prentice Hall

“Your comments were nuanced, insightful, authoritative without being dictatorial. . . . I felt as I was reading your comments that it was in good hands, that I was happy that you had read it, that I was better off that you did.”
— Thomas Finn, Author of short fiction pieces

“Thanks for your words of encouragement and advice. They are very helpful and appreciated. I know I hired the “write” editor for the job. . . . No pun intended of course :)”
— Tina Kotulski, Memoir Writer