Book Critique


A book critique–my most popular service–fits the bill for any book author.

Writers often approach me with a full manuscript willing to pay me good money to copy edit  … but without first fixing cracks in the foundation.

A book critique seeks to seal those cracks. Within a month of submitting your work, you will find out what’s missing, what needs developing, and where to cut so that you can begin working toward a very solid draft of your book right to the very heart of it. 

(project duration 30 days)


  • A light copy edit on the first fifty pages of your book so you can see the types of editorial work your book will need.
  • Comments on each chapter, and many within the lines of each chapter: from characterization, dialogue, structure, organization, details, and clarity
  • Tons of feedback, support, and insight from me
  • An outline that is a powerful portrayal of your message and can be used in a book proposal
  • Two 20-minute consulting sessions to work out troubled areas in the book, to get clear on your market and audience, to help support you on your path to publishing
  • Email support every step of the way


  • A sense of your place in the market, your intended audience (all very good to know!)
  • The knowledge that your book is better than ever, more laser-focused, and a big leap from what it once was
  • Clarity on what is working and what needs work
  • A clear path to turn your book into something marketable
  • Money saved right off the bat so you can work out the kinks in  your book before investing in editing
  • A 10% discount on future editing or marketing services or packages

Investment: 1 cent per word. ($400.00 for 40,000 words; $800.00 for 80,000 words)

Partial critiques (the first 50 pages or first 5 chapters) are also available.



“I very much appreciate your thorough evaluation of my manuscript. The more I got into revising the manuscript, the more I saw the soundness of your suggestions, which attests to both to the attention you gave the book and to the depth of your perception. I thank you.” — Judith Kirscht


“Thank you for the critique and the advice on how to best move forward. This is exactly what I was hoping for. Thanks, Darla!” — Letosha Hodge, Fiction Author

I’m always happy to create something that’s right for you. Contact me to begin critiquing and developing your book.