Two Brothers

Two Brothers: One North, One South

by David H. Jones
(Staghorn Press, 2008)

Walt Whitman, whose compassion for the wounded and dying soldiers of the American Civil War is well documented, navigates the journey of Two Brothers: One North, One South. The first chapter finds him at the bedside of William Prentiss, a mortally wounded Rebel soldier. As fate has it, William’s brother, Clifton, a Union officer, is being treated in another ward of the same hospital and Whitman becomes the sole link between the brothers. The reader is taken seamlessly from Baltimore before the war, to many battlefields where North and South collide, and to wartime Richmond, where Hetty, Jenny, and Constance Cary are the reigning belles.

About David H. Jones

David H. Jones, born and raised in West Virginia, has been a lifelong student of the Civil War. His research took him into the swamps of Dinwiddie County, Virginia, to rediscover the lost location where a pivotal event in Two Brothers: One North, One South took place. A graduate of Kentucky Military Institute and Babson College, former Navy officer, and entrepreneur, he currently lives and writes in Los Angeles, California.

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