Island of Rouge

The Island of Rouge

by Karenann Knotoff
(Publish America, May 2007)

Duncan was sure his summer would be boring and uneventful on the south shore of Long Island. Banished from camp and his friends, the only form of entertainment left to him was boating and his dog, Kadie. But that would soon change. Swept away on a geyser, dropped down a seemingly endless pit and hurled into a strange land is just the beginning for Duncan. Entrusted to return a mysterious wedding gift to King Lowenthal, Duncan is on for the race of his life. At every twist and turn, danger lurks. Can Duncan deliver the wedding present? Will the ancient mystery be solved? Can he save himself and his dog from pirates and evil beings? Turn the pages of this spine tingling, humorous adventure to find out…. Welcome to The Island of Rouge!


Amazing Book
Reviewed by: Karen Bendeson (11/6/2004)
When I first bought this book I read it with my eight year old son. We finish it the same we started it, we couldn’t put it down!! I am a teacher and I teacher a first and second grade bridge class. I am now reading it with them, chapter by chapter. They were disappointed when the weekend came! Excellent book…would highly recommend it!!!!!
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It was very easy to work with you. Being an emerging, new author, I found that a great quality in you as an editor. You only helped me to grow a little better at writing. For that I say thank you.— L.P. Chase

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