Firebelly, a journey into the heart of thinking

by J. C. Michaels
(Philograph, 2007)

When Firebelly, a small misshapen frog, escapes from his container into a rental car, he must choose between an adventurous life in the wild and a comfortable life as a pet. Immobilized by the responsibility to create his future, he begins to regret his freedom. When the car is stolen by a teenage girl struggling to understand the difference between what she can be and what she must be, he realizes the true power of his fire-red belly and begins his journey into the heart of thinking.

Firebelly has won 14 awards for adult fiction, young adult fiction, visionary fiction, philosophy, and design. The book will be published in at least 8 languages.


“A story of self-discovery…and an adventurous frog who ultimately must confront the challenge of free will and the human condition itself. The tale culminates in an instant of pure magic and revelation.” — Expresso (Portugal)

“An engaging and quirky view of philosophy from the perspective of an unlikely sage: the Oriental Firebelly Toad.” — Kirkus

“I have never read anything like it. This frog/toad story is more human than most of the people-centric tales I consider each day.” — Riley Ellis, film executive, 20th Century Fox

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