Field Guide to Plugged-In Parenting


About the Book: Parenting is too important to leave to chance. If you don’t set an end goal and chart a course rooted in self-care and your own family values, then you’re really just babysitting your kids. Parents are stressed out by the sheer volume of daily choices, and they know there has to be a better way to make them. Mothers aren’t taking care of themselves, thereby making it more difficult to take care of their kids. Plugged-in Parenting is a spiritual practice that makes life easier and more joyful. You can build a parenting plan that makes you feel connected to your kids, beginning a child-rearing cycle of mutual love and respect. Using the tools in this book, your plan will also be flexible enough to survive the test of time and teenagers. Plugged-in Parenting can help readers leave the “wolf baby” cycle behind, by forgiving their parents for their shortcomings. In letting go of resentment, and nurturing and loving their children, readers can heal their own childhood wounds. Author Terri Fedonczak gives parents of all backgrounds life-coaching strategies and a parenting plan outline. Readers will also learn the Change-Cycle Tool for navigating the unexpected shifts that happen at different ages and stages. As a reformed control freak, Fedonczak teaches that mastering change is infinitely more useful than trying to control every outcome.

About the Author: Terri Fedonczak is the author of Field Guide to Plugged-in Parenting, Even if You Were Raised by Wolves. She has 22 years of parenting experience and is a Certified Martha Beck life coach, specializing in parent and teen coaching.

Terri wants to live in a world where girls recognize their own power and choose to use it for good. On a trip to Londolozi Game Reserve in South Africa, she witnessed the power of lionesses, as they supported each other within the pride; it was a lightning bolt of realization, leading her on a mission to bring the power of the pride to girls and their parents.

About Darla Bruno’s Work: “When I first hired [Darla], this manuscript was a glorified sixty-page brochure with disconnected thoughts on parenting. She told me she would be happy to edit it the way it was, but it wanted to be more. That started a journey of eighteen months of edits and re-writes … I started to believe in myself and my work because Darla believed in me.”

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