Another Day Falling

by Dustin Collins, (1st Books Library, December 1, 2003)

Another Day FallingCameron Callfield has a unique gift for peering into the depths of his own future while he dreams at night. Orphaned by his parents in a car accident several years earlier, Cameron is forced to come to terms with his life as well as his unique gift for dreaming. But not until he attempts to alter his preordained path does the true nature of his ability surface. Trying to ease the pain of a small town sheriff named David Parker after the murder of his wife, Cameron’s life quickly spins out of control. Entangled in a web of lies, confusion, and murder, Cameron risks everything. Another Day Falling is a suspenseful story that delves into the consequences of fate and the awesome responsibility that comes when someone tries to change it.


“It flows brilliantly, and I couldn’t put it down once I started.”
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About Dustin Collins

Dustin Collins hails from the same small hometown as best-selling author Larry McMurtry and draws heavily from his experiences growing up in a small town in North Texas. Dustin is a regular contributor to his local newspaper. Another Day Falling is his first novel.

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